Peculiar Photography

pe·cu·liar, adj., 1. characteristic of only one person, group, or thing:  DISTINCTIVE

Photographs by Andrew Weiner

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The link at the bottom of this page will take you to the on-line image gallery, which is hosted by another company.  There, you can browse through the available photos, order them in standard sizes, matte or glossy finish (11"x14" and larger are available in matte only), pay using a credit/debit card using a secure server, and have the pictures delivered to your door, almost anywhere in the world.

Due to the difference in proportions between a 4"x6" print (1.5:1) and an 8"x10" print (1.25:1), some images in the albums may be displayed with two thumbnails.  These will be labeled to allow you to select the proper image for the size you choose.

If you see an image you like, but want it in a different size, material (i.e. canvas or watercolor), or finish (glossy larger than 11"x14") see the Custom page for more details.  [Click the button that says, "Custom"]

Please note that the image quality on a computer monitor from a web site is much lower quality than actual prints.  If you are concerned about the print quality, contact me and I'll arrange to either e-mail you a portion of the image at full resolution or a sample of a print at full resolution.

Click Here for the gallery.